Our team

Delivering consistently great results for our clients

Our Board

Procentia’s Board of Directors is responsible for the long-term sustainable success of the Company. The Board has a mix of Executive and Non-Executive Directors who bring with them the knowledge, skills and experience which supports Procentia’s strategic direction.

Morten Nilsson – Non-executive Chairman
Alyse Daghelian – Non-Executive Director
Ikka Stark – Non-executive Director
Liam McGrath – Group CEO
Steve Donkin – Founder & Executive Director
Davide Deagostino – Non-executive Director
Liz Lynxwiler – Company Secretary

Executive Team

Procentia’s Executive Team is a dynamic group of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the industry and a strategic vision for the future. Our executives work closely together to set and execute the company’s strategic direction, maintaining our position as an industry leader and delivering value to our clients.

Liam McGrath – Group CEO
Jason Gopaul – President, Procentia, Inc.
Suzannah Baker – COO
Susi Manns – Group Head of People
Trevor Scurr – Group Head of Development
Huw Davies – Group CFO
Chris Montford – Group CTO
Steve Donkin – Executive Director
Eleanor Ager – Commercial Director
Paul Richmond – Head of Professional Services Director
Tim Blackman – Group Head of Information Security, Risk, and Compliance.

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