What to expect

Client onboarding with Procentia

A holistic approach

to customer onboarding and success

The initial dialogue you have with our implementation teams lay the groundwork for success. We especially focus on the transition from project to business as usual, to ensure your return on investment is maximised and a long-term partnership is forged from the outset.

Ideal approach to implementation

We work closely with you to assess the approach, structure, and size of implementation needed to successfully deliver the agreed solution. We believe collaboration and clear communication are key to all our deliveries.

Cohesive team structure

Ensuring that we have the right team with the right skill set is key to how we successfully deliver implementations. Understanding the scope and the timescale for delivery is key to determining the structuring of our team – we want to make sure that we have the right level of expertise at the key points of delivery while maintaining a consistent and knowledgeable team throughout.

Typically, large-scale implementations tend to run for 18 months and can be run up to 36 months depending on the size, and complexity of the delivery and legacy system.

A delivery methodology that fits

From experience, we know that a collaborative and well-communicated approach to delivery is key to successful deliveries. We work closely with you to understand the best methodology – Agile, Waterfall or something in between.

To make a project a success, you don’t need just a plan. You need capable people in your team. 

How we deliver you success?

Business as usual to us means delivering exceptional service to you every day. The IntelliPen system is backed by a full support and service commitment which continues throughout your time as a Procentia client.

You always have a named Client Success contact who is up to speed on all aspects of your account and will discuss change and planned improvements with you.

Going the extra mile

You can rely on us. We’re always honest and open with you. We actively listen to your comments, and suggestions, and will help you get the most from IntelliPen.

We never put growth before customer service. We believe this has a very positive impact on delivering success to you.

We’re always focused on our clients and the measure of success we can deliver to them.

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