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We’re lucky to have an exceptional team spearheading our technology advancement. Read on to learn more about the tech stack we’ve adopted for our best-in-class pension software solution.

Underlying technology

The IntelliPen system utilises Microsoft Windows server running Internet Information Services (IIS) and SQL Server. All IntelliPen implementations are based on a single-core software version. This core can be amended to comply with legislation in different countries and individual customer and scheme implementations are data configurations of the core software. The final level of customisation is at the user or user-group level, where screen and workflow behaviours can be modified depending on the user profile. Developments that create specific customer IPRs are held logically at the configuration level. Procentia supports the current and two previous versions of software that are backwardly compatible with customisations to your implementation.

Hosting solutions

IntelliPen can be installed and operated in-house, as a hosted solution from IntelliVault private cloud, or as a true cloud deployment (installed in Microsoft Azure to date) to suit your business needs.

Running the software as a hosted solution is simple and cost-effective. Software updates are applied by us, and you do not have to pay for running your own servers or for specialist IT staff. You are free to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your system is reliable and secure.

Integration, no problem

Integration with existing enterprise tools and systems is a matter of course and facilitated by Procentia’s IntelliFeed solution, Microsoft technologies and IntelliPen’s open software architecture. We routinely integrate our solution with the market’s leading payroll and HR systems to further automate processing. And the pensioner payroll engine uses the same database and calcs engine simplifying record keeping. Large data integrations and migrations are by an automated SFT mechanism integrated with IntelliFeed that validates, processes and handles exceptions without human intervention.

Security and access control

Our software uses a role and privilege security model that grants minimum privilege access to data, functions and screens within the system. This can be extended to include restrictions such as scheme or employer, to provide a complex multi-dimensional matrix of rights. Our self-service portals use best-practice encryption and intrusion-prevention techniques to ensure that access is restricted to authorised users. Our security mechanisms have been tested and proven in some of the most closely scrutinised and sensitive data security environments.

Compliance and risk management

We operate an Information Security Management System to control all internal processes, and we’ve achieved externally audited ISO 27001 accreditation (up to 2025) and been awarded Cyber Essentials.

We take business continuity, data recovery and data protection and staff privacy seriously. We’re currently embarking on a project to gain Soc 2 Type 2 accreditation by 2024.

Innovation revelation

Procentia has an exciting innovation roadmap for IntelliPen and other pensions-related solutions. Get in touch to learn more about what we’ve got planned.

The technology used by Procentia puts pensions providers in the best position for future efficiencies, improvements in member and employer engagement and satisfaction, as well as better overall administration performance.

The design of IntelliPen is powerful in terms of its calculation engine as well as workflow and reporting functionality. The fact that the administrator can complete tasks quickly means that our service provision will be even better, which in turn means we’ll attract more clients.
Annette Balcombe, Group Technical Specialist
Employee Benefits. TMF Group

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