A powerful calcs engine that’s intuitive to use


An advanced calculation engine with a simple interface

Tired of not being able to configure calculations yourself? This flexibility sets us apart from rivals in the pensions software market.

Stand-alone or fully integrated

IntelliCalcs is designed so that it can be deployed as a stand- alone calculations engine that can be used by any SQL-based pensions administration system. Received requests are processed using calculations formulae held in a database, and member and scheme data accessed through a data dictionary.

Flexibility and reusability

Current Pension Calculation Engines tend to be closely tied to and dependent upon the administration system. IntelliCalcs is different in that it is designed to integrate with any Pension Administration System, allowing migration between administration systems without the requirement for calculation recoding.

Fast and robust

IntelliCalcs provides the calculations for some of the worlds largest pension schemes. In due diligence for a leading UK pensions and annuity provider IntelliCalcs processed over 800k an hour, whilst supporting 100 online users.


IntelliCalcs has been designed for use by Pension Experts, using common visual metaphors and familiar mathematical expressions. These are enhanced with special constructs that provide high-level abstractions for the complexities of pension calculations.

Integrated source control system

Full source control: Check-In, Check-Out, Rollback, Compare, Change History, provided as standard. There is no extra expenditure required for third-party source control systems. Version histories are held in an efficient manner and allow historic calculations to be rerun using old versions of the calculation definitions.

Designed for administrators

Intended for pensions experts not programmers – normal programming knowledge is not required. IntelliCalcs is designed to enable Pension Administrators to apply their expertise to scheme implementations without recourse to normal programming skills.

IntelliCalcs is designed for pensions experts rather than software developers and so calculations changes can be readily undertaken by clients themselves.

The design of IntelliPen is powerful in terms of its calculation engine as well as workflow and reporting functionality. The fact that the administrator can complete tasks quickly means that our service provision will be even better, which in turn means we’ll attract more clients.
Annette Balcombe, Group Technical Specialist
Employee Benefits. TMF Group

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