An all-in-one pension administration system to solve every challenge, regardless of size and complexity


Technology in the palm of your hand

IntelliPen is a modern, entirely web-based solution, combining everything a third-party administrator or pension provider will need to administer its schemes or plans on a single system, with no third-party products required, other than Microsoft Word for letter production.

Every pension scheme is unique. One of the key features of IntelliPen is the end users’ ability to implement any type of change to the system, reducing reliance on external resources and expensive IT staff.

What makes IntelliPen unique?

  • Complete package
    One-stop solution for calcs, workflows, payroll and more
  • Highly configurable
    Software modules can be customised to fit your needs
  • One system, many views
    Single platform can offer controls for members, employers and trustees
  • Faster calculations
    IntelliCalcs is the most dynamic calculation engine available in the market
  • Truly global
    Serving pension providers in the UK, US, EU, Middle East and Asia
  • Loved by users
    Distinctly better than rival systems say pension managers and administrators

Pension administration

Client success

Procentia has never put growth before client satisfaction and we believe this has had a very positive impact on the levels of client satisfaction we have achieved.

IntelliPen software is backed by a full support and service commitment, which continues throughout your time as a Procentia customer.

Designed for high

IntelliPen has evolved over the last 20 years based on user feedback to deliver clear navigation that enables administrators to move through uncluttered screens to efficiently perform administrative tasks.

Self-service for key

IntelliPen offers members a full self-service capability, including switches, updates to personal details, nomination of beneficiaries, retirement quotations, current values of holdings, illustration of retirement options, all the way through to full online retirement.

End-users can implement change

One of the key features of IntelliPen is the ability of administration end-users to implement any type of change to the system, reducing reliance on external resources and expensive IT staff.

Pension experts
& software specialists

Our team is comprised of a unique mix of pension and software professionals who can help you configure your IntelliPen system and ensure it brings you continued success.

Long-term owner

Procentia is not private-equity owned. It is majority owned by BTPS, the UK’s largest private sector pension scheme. BTPS has a vested interest in investing in IntelliPen which it uses.

Exceptional tech support

As a user, you have access to online help at all times. We deal with any issues quickly and professionally, and you the opportunity to upgrade support to suit your needs.

With the implementation of IntelliPen, our aim is to enhance our pension, retirement and savings plan administration service, putting us at the top table with a best-of-breed solution.
Guy Walton
Employee Benefits,TMF Group
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