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The all-in-one fully online pensions administration and management software for schemes of any type and size.

Designed for Pension Schemes and the Pension Risk Transfer market, IntelliPen is all about automation, efficiency, flexibility, customisation, and self-sufficiency.

IntelliPen provides the full range of tools and features administrators need to run every aspect of every type of scheme so you can provide best-in-class self-service for your users, members, and pensioners.

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Why choose us?

Procentia is a multi-award-winning software and technology company specialising in the Pensions and Pension Risk Transfer market.

Since 2002, we’ve been developing intelligently designed ‘PenTech’ solutions that help pension schemes and insurers provide lasting value for their administrators and members.

We’re experts in the pensions sector. That’s all we do.

Our IntelliPen administration and management system is created for the modern pension era, not yesterday’s. Through insight and research, we anticipate the future needs of our sector to support you through your digital transformation journey.

We work to ensure your investment and cyber security is future-proofed.

Our aim is to help schemes of all sizes provide exceptional member experiences, while minimising the need for administrator intervention and involvement.

We hear it all the time – administrators are often time-poor, and schemes can struggle with admin logjams.So we’ve designed IntelliPen to do the manual work for you.

We’ve been named ‘Pensions Technology Firm of the Year 2024’ at the Pensions Age Awards.

What makes IntelliPen so popular?

  • Supports all scheme models
    DB, DC, CDC, Hybrid, Career Average, Annuities and Income Draw-down, Cash Balance… We’ve got you covered.
  • Log in and go!
    It’s an easy-access cloud-based platform. All your users need is an internet browser to get stuck in. No software is installed so your team can access it from any computer, and your members from any device.
  • Bespoke member and user portals
    ‘One system, multiple interfaces’. Provide your members, employers, and Trustees with branded and feature-rich self-serve experiences. Take control like never before.
  • Sub one-second calculations
    Our IntelliCalcs engine is the most dynamic calculation tool on the market. It also works as a standalone solution, so you can integrate it into your own admin system.
  • You’re in the driving seat
    Customise IntelliPen to suit your needs using its highly configurable IntelliSite Content Management System and always keep your content fresh and up-to-date.
  • Pension Risk Transfer
    We’re data experts. Our custom-built data onboarding and reformatting tools handle bulk transfers of any size and level of complexity and can clean up even the messiest of layouts.
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Every team has challenges and frustrations, and we’re sure your scheme has high ambitions to provide a beautiful, seamless experience for all your audiences – users, members, pensioners, employers, and Trustees. But you don’t have the time or the technology to get there. Perhaps you feel like you’re always playing catch-up.

IntelliPen is a one-stop-shop administration platform with a purpose-built, super-sized calculation engine designed specifically for pension schemes and the Pension Risk Transfer market.

You’ll have all the tools and features at your fingertips to manage every aspect of every type of scheme so you can provide the best-in-class self-service that you’re aiming for.

IntelliPen is built for automation, efficiency, flexibility, customisation, and self-suffiency. Imagine bundling all your complex and time-consuming activities into one hassle-free platform to speed up and streamline workflows and processes. Accurately and painlessly.

Your administrators can easily configure the platform without relying on IT resource or third-party support, meaning they can crack on with their jobs without interruption or being slowed down.

Importantly, IntelliPen is built for member self-service.

Unique web portals give users a consumer-like experience that we all expect from a modern online platform and service.

Your members have complete transparency of their pension. They can take full control of their quotes, options, benefits and ID checks right the way up to instigating their retirement payments online.

We know your members and pensioners will be delighted, and customer satisfaction scores will soar.

Don’t settle for outdated software.

Together we’ll overcome your administration challenges and take your user and member experiences to new heights.

We empower administrators.

We delight members.

Pension members supported worldwide

Retirement quotes made online by members

Improved cost per member a typical provider can expect within two years

Average successful reduction in back-office handling times

We’re voted ‘No.1 UK Pensions Administration Software Provider’

Professional Pensions, 2022 and 2023

Trusted by schemes of all sizes.

We future-proof your service and delivery.

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Procentia’s pension software has enabled BTPS to deliver a more meaningful member experience. For us, IntelliPen provides a unified solution in a way no other administration system can.
Dave Tomlins
Head of Pension Services Delivery, BT Pension Scheme