Secure system connection to Pensions Dashboards


Making the right connections

When you’re looking to making a smart, reliable and secure connection to the Pensions Dashboard Programme, Intelli-ISP is your ideal solution.

Stand-alone or fully integrated

Intelli-ISP, Procentia’s ISP solution for the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP), is aimed at pension providers who use the IntelliPen pension administration software platform. This solution provides a direct connection between IntelliPen and the PDP ecosystem, with no need for files to be exported out of the administration system and no uploading of data required.

Flexibility and reusability

When a search request is received, Intelli-ISP+ (an add on service for existing clients) links directly to the provider’s IntelliPen system to perform the search and so will have access to fully up-to-date data.


Find and View requests are fulfilled in the ProviderAPI and processed and aggregated by the ISP layer before being returned to the Dashboard Ecosystem and hence presented to the requesting members. This avoids concerns around uploading personal and financial data to a third-party environment and issues around the staleness of data and handling of joiners and leavers between data refreshes. 

Integrated source control system

When choosing an ISP Solution for Pensions Dashboards, take care not to overlook the critical issue of Security. Procentia’s Intelli-ISP+ solution provides a direct, secure and controlled connection to our IntelliPen pension administration system.

Designed for administrators

There is no need to export files outside of the admin system and no upload of data to any locations not proven to be fully secure. Competing solutions that require the data to reside elsewhere will need to take additional steps to prove they are taking stringent security steps and even with these in place, there are fewer guarantees to combat data breaches. 

New updates on our ISP solution will be published here within the next two weeks.

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