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Our highly experienced Training team provides comprehensive support for all our clients whenever it’s needed.

We design and deliver engaging hands-on training sessions that simplify complex concepts and leave your administrators feeling confident and empowered to get the most out of our IntelliPen software.

Even before the system is implemented across your business we provide hands-on training online or at a venue that suits you.

The sessions are delivered through a secure Virtual Lab training environment, giving each delegate a dedicated area to work within. During the sessions we can see the separate workspaces, which allows us to interact and offer personalised support. And we can share challenges and celebrate achievements with the group.

Every aspect of IntelliPen is covered to ensure your administrators get the most out of the system.

IntelliPen Community Training Programme

Training is always available to our IntelliPen users. If you’d like to enhance your teams’ skills or are onboarding new colleagues, we run beginner, refresher and advanced training courses throughout the year.

Whatever feature, function or sub-system you want to explore, our experienced in-house trainers will walk you through each element in a clear, logical way.

They’ll help unravel any challenges you might have, and answer all your questions.

Dive as deep as you want!

2024 IntelliPen training calendar

See what’s on offer to our client community this year.

Less stress, more success! An overview of the everyday use of IntelliPen from a pension administrator’s perspective.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate understanding of the IntelliPen User Interface and Menu Structure.

2. Show high-level knowledge of the features and functionality of the application.

3. Identify and demonstrate a rounded use of security, reporting, workflows, wizards and member data.

Level up your workflow! A guide to tackling issues and sleuthing out problems.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the components of IntelliPen.

2. Awareness of components and steps of an IntelliPen core workflow.

3. Identify what can cause an exception.

4. Develop an understanding of what to consider when handling workflow exceptions.

Build custom reports and grab essential data using the IntelliPen functional report builder.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Create user reports across multiple tables from the IntelliPen database.

2. Show skills in filtering, sorting and conditioning the reports.

3. Understand core database tables and their relationships.

Master the fundamentals of building IntelliCase workflows.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Build simple workflows using several types of executables.

2. Incorporate checking, authorising and diary features to your workflows.

3. Extend your understanding on how to export, condition and clone workflows.

A summative dive into the workings of the IntelliPen sub-systems. Includes workflows, document production, scheduling, system configuration and the product suite.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Explore the architecture and product set.

2. Examine the underlying databases, tables, stored procedures and the file system.

3. Locate and review the system’s setup information and configuration files to help with any troubleshooting.

Create automated dynamic, bespoke and flexible mail merge letters.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Design and build templated letters for your members.

2. Apply mail merge features to create dynamic content.

3. Understand how to extract the data from the database and map it to the relevant letter fields.

Advanced and bespoke courses


The IntelliPen client training programme is extensive. Really extensive!

We’ll take your user experience and pensions scheme administration to the next level.

We offer a comprehensive range of refresher and specialist courses and can craft sessions to suit your scheme and team’s needs. Here’s a selection of the training courses we’ve recently delivered for our clients:

  • Introduction to IntelliFeed
  • Introduction to IntelliPay
  • Introduction to IntelliCalcs
  • Introduction to IntelliSite and CMS
  • IntelliPen DC Processing
  • Security Administration
  • Developing Tables, Menus and Screens
  • Document Production
  • Style Sheets and XSL Transformation
  • IntelliHelp – Create Help, Notes and Information Pages

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