The all-in-one pensions administration and management solution

Together we’ll overcome your administration challenges and take your user and member experiences to new heights.

IntelliPen is a powerful online packaged system with unparalleled levels of automation and self-service for your scheme and members.

Highly configurable and flexible, IntelliPen provides all the tools and features your administrators need to run every aspect of your scheme without relying on IT resource or third-party support.

Why choose IntelliPen?

  • Supports all scheme models
    DB, DC, CDC, Hybrid, Career Average, Annuities and Income Draw-down, Cash Balance… We’ve got you covered.
  • Log in and go!
    It’s an easy access cloud-based platform. All your users need is an internet browser to get stuck in. No software is installed so your team can access it from any computer, and your members from any device.
  • Bespoke member and user portals
    ‘One system, multiple interfaces’. Provide your members, employers and Trustees with branded and feature-rich self-serve experiences. Take control like never before.
  • Sub one-second calculations
    Our IntelliCalcs engine is the most dynamic calculation tool on the market. It also works as a standalone solution, so you can integrate it into your own admin system.
  • You’re in the driving seat
    Customise IntelliPen to suit your needs using its highly configurable IntelliSite Content Management System and always keep your content fresh and up-to-date.
  • Pension Risk Transfer
    Our custom-built data onboarding and reformatting tools handle bulk transfers of any size and level of complexity, and can clean up even the messiest of layouts.

Powerful integrated systems to speed up your working day

IntelliPen is a suite of modular tools and solutions working together to streamline everything from new member registration to online self-serve retirements for your members.

A harmonious ecosystem

IntelliPen does the hard work for you.

We want to make life easy for your administrators, and provide delightful experiences for your members and users.

Our comprehensive platform will significantly speed up your end-to-end processes and workflows, and remove frustrating friction and bottlenecks.

Automate document management, payroll, verification, accounting, reporting, payroll, member communications and more.

Bundle all your activities into one hassle-free platform

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Empower and delight your users and members

Designed for high
productivity and automation

Significantly speed-up and automate large-scale and complex case management processes using our powerful integrated IntelliCase system. A user-friendly suite of visual tools allows you to build unique workflows and edit existing ones with ease.

Self-serve online retirements for members

Treat your members to an easy online self-serve retirement feature that allows them to quickly produce multiple quotes and choose their benefit options. A simple step-by-step process takes them from immediate ID and verification checks to choosing their payments.

Unique website experiences for all your audiences

You’ll want to provide your user groups with specific information and features, so we design individual websites to ensure your audiences have a unified but unique experience. Any data changes or updates you make are automatically populated across the system, meaning everyone sees up-to-date information.

Seamless implementation and data migration

From design to delivery, we work with you to ensure you experience a smooth and stress-free transition to the IntelliPen system. Our subject matter experts will support you every step of the way, including your data and document migration and website development.

Direct connectivity to the Pensions Dashboard

We’ve addressed a critical factor in successfully and efficiently connecting your scheme to the Pensions Dashboard – Full integration. Our Intelli-ISP solution safeguards your members’ data and removes all the laborious manual work, leaving your team time to get on with other things.

A helping hand – Training designed around you

Even before IntelliPen is implemented across your business you’ll have the support of our exceptional Training Team. Every aspect of the system is covered leaving your team confident and ready to get stuck in.

With the implementation of IntelliPen, our aim is to enhance our pension, retirement and savings plan administration service, putting us at the top table with a best-of-breed solution.
Guy Walton
Employee Benefits,TMF Group
10 minute read

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