Bulk Annuities Conference


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Event: Bulk Annuities Conference

Location: Park Plaza London Riverbank
Country: UK
Date: 24-25th April 2024
Time: All day

‘From Strength to Strength’

We’ll be attending the Bulk Annuities Conference in April, which focuses on pension buy-ins and buy-outs, longevity swaps and reinsurance. It provides a practical first-hand briefing on the current state of the market and makes some forecasts. Interactive questions follow each presentation, enabling delegates to express their own views, thereby generating new ideas and perspectives and a meaningful dialogue. This makes it a real working event designed to inform and stimulate, as well as provide an outstanding networking opportunity.

We’ll be talking about our new Pension Risk Transfer solutions designed to meet the challenges of onboarding multiple schemes quickly, and simultaneously loading thousands of policies.

Our system provides exceptional data formatting, mapping and cleansing, and runs a series of fast validation checks to fix anomalies and discrepancies.